EASA Approves Many of Alpine Aerotech’s Repair Design Approvals

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Kelowna, BC (February 21, 2017) — ALPINE AEROTECH announced today that many of their current Transport Canada Repair Design Approvals (RDA) have been given reciprocal acceptance with the European Aviation Safety Agency. With a strong background in MRO, Alpine Aerotech has developed a series of cost-effective repairs intended to preserve formerly unserviceable or unrepairable components.

“With a strong background in MRO, we understand the importance of providing superior standardized repairs for products that were formerly unrepairable,” explains Neil Baycroft, general manager of Alpine Aerotech.

Already recognized in North America for their unique air management system repairs, this reciprocal agreement allows Alpine Aerotech to grow internationally. These repairs include, but are not limited to Bell Medium Transition Ducts, and Sikorsky S76 Prolongators.

Alpine Aerotech LP provides comprehensive maintenance support for leading helicopter makes and models worldwide, operating with airworthiness certifications including Transport Canada, European Aviation Safety Agency, National Civil Aviation Agency of Brazil, Civil Aviation Authority of Egypt, Civil Aviation Authority of Papua New Guinea and Civil Aviation Authority of the Cayman Islands.

For more information email sales@alpineaerotech.com.

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