Superior helicopter support and maintenance services worldwide.

Each day, we’re driven to improve safety, enhance operational performance, increase aircraft utilization, and reduce maintenance costs.

Optimizing for the future together.

Through continual optimization of existing capabilities, the expansion of facilities, and the introduction of new customer service competencies we will enhance our industry leading reputation.

The growth of Alpine Aerotech.

  • Grown from 4 employees (1990) to 140 staff in 2021
  • Total of over 64,000 sq. ft. in both Kelowna facilities
  • New 30,000 sq. ft. Abbotsford facility acquired in August, 2013
  • Recognized service centre of Leonardo Helicopters since 2017
  • Now one of the largest and most reputable Bell CSF facilities worldwide

Approvals & authorizations.

Bell Helicopter Textron

Approval Type:   Customer Service Facility


Origin:   USA

Leonardo Helicopters

Approval Type:   Recognized Maintenance Centre


Origin:   Italy

Transport Canada

Approval Type:   Approved Maintenance Organization

Number:   93-00

Origin:   Canada

European Union Aviation Safety Agency

Approval Type:   EASA Acceptance Approved Maintenance Organization

Number:   145.7013

Origin:   Europe

ANAC National Civil Aviation Agency – Brazil

Approval Type:   ANAC Acceptance Approved Maintenance Organization

Number:   1308 / 32 / ANAC

Origin:   Brazil

PNG Civil Aviation Safety Authority

Approval Type:   PNG Acceptance Approved Maintenance Organization


Origin:   Papua New Guinea

Ministry of Supply & Services

Approval Type:   Vendor Controlled Goods Registration Program (CGRP)

Number:   10959

Origin:   Canada

National Defense

Approval Type:   NATO Commercial & Government Entity Code (NCAGE Code), or US Commercial & Government Entity Code (CAGE Code)

Number:   L0171

Origin:   Canada/USA

Transport Canada

Approval Type:   Ministers Delegate Maintenance Service (MDM) Aircraft Import/Export

Number:   0529

Origin:   Canada

Meet our team.

Executive Team

Jeff Denomme - Alpine Aerotech

Jeff Denomme


Cherie Hanvold

Director of Finance / Director of HR

Neil Baycroft - Alpine Aerotech

Neil Baycroft

General Manager

Alfonso Garcia - Alpine Aerotech

Alfonso Garcia

VP of Sales

Management Team

Bert Geofroy

Avionics Manager

Bernie Boehnke - Alpine Aerotech

Bernie Boehnke

Quality Assurance Manager

Dave Siddon - Alpine Aerotech

Dave Siddon

Component Shop Manager

Dirk Van Ulden - Alpine Aerotech

Dirk van Ulden

AME Manager

George Foster - Alpine Aerotech

George Foster

Paint Manager

Greg Foyle

Structures Manager

Sarah Groff - Alpine Aerotech

Sarah Groff


Steve Storteboom - Alpine Aerotech

Steve Storteboom

Abbotsford Production Manager

Taylor Wilson - Alpine Aerotech

Taylor Wilson

MFG Manager

Sales & Procurement Team

Alex Crawford - Alpine Aerotech

Alex Crawford

Sales Supervisor

Dan Garbelya - Alpine Aerotech

Dan Garbelya

Part Sales / Customer Service Associate

Graham Wood - Alpine Aerotech

Graham Wood

Warehouse Supervisor – Kelowna

John Chapman - Alpine Aerotech

John Chapman

Abbotsford Warehouse Coordinator

Michael Wruck - Alpine Aerotech

Michael Wruck

Procurement Specialist

Planning Department

Brad Brossart - Alpine Aerotech

Brad Brossart

Technical Specialist – Planning

Terra Kinjersky - Alpine Aerotech

Terra Kinjerski

Planning & Quantum Specialist

Accounts Payable & Accounts Receivable

Chantelle Kazakoff - Alpine Aerotech

Chantelle Kazakoff

Accounts Receiveable

Cortni Berke

Accounts Payable