Alpine Aerotech Proudly Introduces the New Cabin and Cargo Floor Protection Kits for the Bell 429 Aircraft

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ALPINE AEROTECH proudly introduces the new Cabin and Cargo Floor Protection Kits for the Bell 429 Aircraft, constructed from high-quality impact, wear and heat resistant material to protect the cabin and cargo floor from damage. Cabin and Cargo Floor Protection Kits for the Bell 429 Aircraft are very light, easy to install and maintain.

The addition of this ultra-protective layer for the floor drastically reduces the risk of damage to expensive panels. This design was based on the success of the existing Alpine Aerotech kits for the Cabin Floor, Tail Boom Baggage Compartment, Aft Cabin and Pylon Wall Protection Kits for the Bell 205, 212 and 412 aircraft.

Alpine Aerotech is currently designing new Panel Protection Kits for other Bell aircraft as well as kits for the Airbus AS350 aircraft, to add to the existing Panel Protection product line, which is in great demand. “The Cabin and Cargo Floor Protection Kit for the Bell 429 aircraft was designed and supplied to the Canadian Coast Guard within a matter of weeks.

When a customer has a need, we listen carefully to ensure we understand the requirements and then supply a quality solution,” explains Jeff Denomme, President of Alpine Aerotech. “We are offering Panel Protections Kits at an affordable price, making it an easy decision to protect the aircraft floor from damage and reduce maintenance costs.”

For more information on affordable Panel Protection Kits Visit Alpine Aerotech’s product website at Or email

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